Yacht Hire on the Gold Coast

Making the Most of Your Yacht Hire on the Gold Coast

A yacht hire on the Gold Coast could be the key to taking your event from mundane to next level. Everything is better on a boat, from sipping cocktails to watching the sunset. At Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters, our crew is standing by to create the perfect excursion for groups both large and small. 

Charter Prices

3 hour Gold Coast Charter $1950 (up to 25 people)

4 hour Gold Coast Charter $26000 (up to 25 people)

5 hour Gold Coast Charter $3250 (up to 25 people)

7 hrFun Swim Day with Water trampoline $4500

1 hour Gold Coast Charter $500*

(only Ash Scattering Memorials)

Tips for Planning to Hire a Yacht on the Gold Coast

Most people haven’t hired a yacht before — and that’s why it’s such an exciting, special event. We want you to enjoy yourself on our luxury boat as much as possible, so consult this quick guide to taking the first steps to make your luxury yacht booking:

  • Determine the size of your group. The MV Bacchus motor yacht can comfortably accommodate up to 48 passengers in total so planning a boat trip with a larger group is simple. 
  • Make plans for how much time you’d like to spend in your luxury boat on the Gold Coast. Cruise hire starts at a minimum of two hours on weekdays and 3-hours on weekends but we have charter options available for half days and full days . 
  • Consider dining and beverage options ahead of time. We don’t cater except for chips, dips and pizzas available onboard. Click on our catering link to investigate local Gold Coast and Brisbane professional catering companies.  
  • Explore options for additional activities, such as swimming, or specific cruise route for passing by the local sights.  Some of our most common cruising spots include South Stradbroke and Wavebreak Islands. 

Why Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters is the Best Choice for Exclusive Yacht Hire

  • Experience – We have provided a premium Gold Coast luxury boat hire service for ten years running and our staff all have a wealth of experience. The MV Bacchus has a glamorous old-world marine aesthetic and is not a plastic cookie-cutter yacht like many others.  She has been fully modernised  with a suite of marine safety and communications technology and has everything necessary to provide a fun yet ultimately safe experience for all passengers. There’s no substitute for experience on the water.
  • Flexibility – We provide a high degree of flexibility built into our service. Whether you want to book a luxury yacht hire on the Gold Coast for most of the day, or you’d like to celebrate a small event in just two or three hours, we can adapt to your needs. Our broad catering menu, adaptable facilities, and skilled crew make us an exceptional choice for everything from board meetings 
  • Affordability – We have crafted a range of packages to make booking as simple and as stress-free as possible for our guests. For approximately $600 per hour you can grab some friends and family and have an entire luxury yacht at y0ur disposal.  BYO drinks and food and the event is very reasonable.  
  • Options – Click on the links to peruse some of the cruises we offer and don’t forget to check out our gallery for a closer look at the Bacchus and the events we can support. 

About Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters and the MV Bacchus

After a decade in service, we’re proud to say we know our way around these waters and how to create a good time onboard. With an excellent safety record, tonnes of glowing testimonials, and a singular focus on creating the best experience you can have, we look forward to serving your group. Start a booking today, or contact us for further information.