Yacht Wedding

Dreams are made of this…saying ‘I do’ aboard a luxury yacht as you sail across the deep, blue sea. There’s not much that will compare to tying the knot on the MV Bacchus as family and friends watch you make the committment.  Let Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters provide the perfect boat for your wedding preparation and ceremonies – even the reception! 

A Yacht Wedding is Unique and Unforgettable

Romance is in the air when a union takes place aboard a wedding boat on the Gold Coast. The fresh sea breeze combines with amazing scenery as you motor through the calm, blue waters and this creates the ultimate wedding atmosphere and setting. Away from life on land, start your life together aboard the MV Bachhus and let Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters help you organise your   celebration of love. Of course, ll weddings still require planning for everything to follow along smoothly…. 

Tips for Planning a Wedding Cruise on the Gold Coast

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Always book early

The popularity of hosting a wedding outside traditional venues is rapidly rising and sailing on the Gold Coast is a popular pastime for families and pleasure cruisers. Confirm your date with Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters as soon as you can to avoic disappointment.  Discounts are offered for mid-week events.   Do consider the season in which you plan to marry as werather plays a part in the big day.  However, luckily there is NO bad weather in sunny South-East Queensland.

Consider the dress code

Generally, a yacht wedding is more of a relaxed, informal occasion and your guests must be comfortable moving around a sea-going vessel.  High heels are not permitted aboard the MV Bacchus as is it very important to be stable on the teak flooring.  The bride, groom and wedding party may, of course, wear shoes for the photo shoot, but generally all guests will go barefoot.  Encourage your guests to dress smart but casual and to consider sun safety.  Always keep these elements in mind when dressing up. 


What Is Included in the Yacht Wedding Packages?

Think of the MV Bacchus as your wedding venue.  Your yacht hire price includes a licensed Skipper and one or two deckhands, depending on the size of your wedding passenger list. We do not arrange the catering or the decorating but can open the vessel to accommodate your decorators or caterers.  

Catering Options

The catering is an option we leave up to you. Click on our catering link above for the names and weblinks to several Gold Coast and Brisbane caterers.  Make sure to tell them you need catering aboard the MV Bacchus to be sure they will cater aboard a sea-going vessel. Tell them we have full kitchen facilities with one oven, microwave, electric frypan, 4-element electric stovetop and a BBQ as well.

Spacious Capacity

The MV Bacchus has one of the most generous charter agreements on the Broadwater.  We can handle 48 people on board plus 3 staff being two deckhands and one skipper.  However, for comfort and ease of moement, we recommend 35 as the most comfortable number. This is perfect for an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family.  Please remember, the absolute maximum aboard is 51 and that MUST incloude 3 staff and your caterers, servers  and celebrant.   


The MV Bacchus is equipped with  a flat-screen television and DVD player in the saloon as well as a sourround sound blue-tooth music sysytem.  Karaoke is popular onboard and these systems may be hired if you wish ton do so.  Simple party lights may be added to set the scene for a night of dancing and partying.  A DJ may also be added to your guest list to really set the party off.

About Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters

The MV Bacchus has been making wedding dreams come true for over a decade ton the spectacular Gold Coast Broadwater.   With so many options available, you should derfinitely consider boat hire for your wedding. Your marriage will be an event that your guests will never forget.  Contact us to arrange your cruise immediately.

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