Yacht Wedding Reception

A luxury yacht wedding reception is a most memorable way for your friends and family to celebrate your new marriage.  Host a party that your guests will never forget and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the Gold Coast Broadwater. The MV Bacchus motor vessel is an impressive boat with 5  separate entertaining areas and is the perfect venue for a wedding reception, unlike any other.

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Between the Sea and the Sky – a dreamlike

Yacht Wedding Reception

How can a hall or generic hotel ballroom compare to sailing on the calm waters of the Gold Coast Broadwater as guests mingle to sip champagne and nibble canapes? No other locations will provide the visual impact of a boat wedding reception at sea.  Your guests will never forget the ambiance and relaxation of your unique wedding reception. Here’s why the Bacchus is the perfect choice…

Envisage Your Wedding Party or Reception

on a Luxury Yacht

  • Privacy – You have the privacy of a closed venue while enjoying the open natural beauty of the ocean and no one else for miles around.
  • Beauty – few seascapes can compare to the visual beauty of the Gold Coast Broadwater with its natural islands, city skylines and acres of calm ocean.
  • Individuality – Stand out from other wedding receptions and host an event that your guests will remember for a lifetime.
  • Comfort – You don’t have to sacrifice amenities or comfort to have your reception on the MV Bacchus. We have everything you’ll need for a proper reception.
  • Facilities – with a full kitchen plus a BBQ, huge freezer, full-size refrigerator, and two large buffet tables, there is plenty of galley space for caterers to create masterful menus for your celebration.

Guidelines for Planning your Boat Cruise

Wedding Reception

There are several factors unique to a boat reception: 

Consider the time of day.  You’ll get a dramatically different backdrop depending on when you host your reception. You may choose the early afternoon for a beautiful blue sky, or instead schedule the evening into nighttime for a gorgeous sunset and starry sky.

Consider your anchor destination.  Decide whether you’d like to drop anchor in a wide swathe of ocean or find a lovely cove to use as your backdrop. If you have a favourite spot within range, we can accommodate your desires. Otherwise, you can rely on our experience to find a location suitable for your reception.

Consider the size of your guest list.  Whilst the MV Bacchus can accommodate up to 48 passengers, that number must include your photographer, caterers, videographer and celebrant.  

We’re here to help you make the best wedding reception possible. If you have any questions about facilities and inclusions available aboard the Bacchus, our team is eager to answer them.

About Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters

and the MV Bacchus

The MV Bacchus is a 62-foot luxury yacht in excellent condition and she is the ideal multipurpose venue. We host many events, including birthdays, engagements, pleasure cruises, corporate parties and wedding receptions. Our staff can help with everything from recommending catering to cleaning up during the celebration so that you and your guests can relax and have a good time. Contact us today to discuss your plans and confirm availability.

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