Sunset Cruise Gold Coast

sunset cruise on the gold coast

Sail in Style With Our Luxury Sunset Cruise in the Gold Coast

Relax on our sunset cruise in the Gold Coast. Designed with you in mind, our yacht is fully equipped to create beautiful events, celebrations, and holidays. Enjoy the stunning ocean views, feed the gulls, and eat quality food provided by our caterers. Enjoy a four-hour sunset cruise or host a lovely corporate function and build unity within your business. 

Enjoy a Relaxing Sunset Dinner Cruise in the Gold Coast

Perfect for parties and events of all stripes, our sunset dinner cruise in the Gold Coast sets you up with a beautiful view and environment perfectly tailored to your specifications. Here is some of what you can expect on our sunset dinner cruise in the Gold Coast:

      • Wonderful views. Stare out into incredible panoramic ocean views. With a beautiful breeze and brilliant sunlight shimmering while the sounds of the ocean play a melody of calm for your guests, you’ll have a memorable experience while dining out at sea.
      • Fully catered. Choose between four separate packages to suit your tastes. Your taste buds will love you as you snack and dine on delicious luxury food or bring your own. 
      • Friendly professional staff. Our team of proficient and professional staff will treat your guests with the utmost respect. Our team of trained professionals have the experience and knowledge so that your dream party, meeting, or event takes place without a hitch.

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Plan Your Perfect Dinner Cruise in the Gold Coast

A dinner cruise in the Gold Coast is a stylish and enjoyable experience. Make sure to plan for exactly how you want it to be. Here are some tips for planning a dinner cruise in the Gold Coast:

      • Get fancy. Choose a theme for your guests to follow. A beautiful pre- or post-wedding celebration with all guests in classic white style, or a more casual, comfortable experience where the guests dress relaxed and enjoy a gorgeous ocean view. Remember to bring a camera; the views are outstanding. A beautifully themed party with an ocean backdrop makes the perfect selfie.
      • Choose food and drinks. We have an exclusive catering package available in our Canapés Silver Menu and Canapés Gold Menu. Choose between hot and cold selections of beef, seafood, vegetarian, and sweets. We also offer the Exclusive Platter, Sunset Platter, and Glass Catering. We set up each catering package with your dining requirements in mind. We offer barbecue on request, and if you don’t want us to cater for you, you can bring your own. If you do not wish to partake in a catering package, our chef can prepare the food for you using our large commercial kitchen.
      • Pick the cruise package that suits your taste. We charge by the hour and provide you with the perfect experience whether it’s a wedding ceremony, corporate function, birthday celebration, and more. 

About Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters

We have been operating for ten years and have hosted hundreds of events. Our experienced staff knows how to cater to your requirements. Our yacht is fully equipped with the latest communication technology and uses powerful 900hp diesel engines to sail the Gold Coast Broad Water in Queensland.

Contact us and sail in style while celebrating.

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