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1 hour Ash Scattering Cruises

Memorialise and remember a passed loved one, family member or friend through a boat memorial on the Gold Coast. Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters can bring your family and friends together aboard the private yacht MV Bacchus. She can accommodate your group in comfort and style as you unite to remember someone who meant a great deal to you. Our new ‘Sky Lounge’ on the bow now allows elderly attendees to sit in comfort and safety as they participate in your ceremonies.

Our one-hour cruise price off $600 is only available for Memorials or Ash Scatterings – otherwise a two-hour minimum applies. For a price comparable to land-based venues, you can get so much more than an event hall. Leave your dearly departed in a place they loved – on the Gold Coast Broadwater. If you choose a slightly longer memorial cruise, you may also hold a wake on board.

Consider a Sunset Memorial Cruise to Put Your Loved One to Rest in Style

Whether you’re planning a wake or the anniversary of a loved one’s passing, Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters can host your memorial aboard our luxury  motor  boat, the Bacchus

  • Our luxury motor vessel MV Bacchus is an exclusive venue that will  provide the ideal atmosphere for your memorial. As you focus on the good memories, you may choose to hold a calm memorial or a more lively party.   The smooth waters of the Gold Coast Broadwater will help keep the journey calm and allow the rejuvenating sea air to fill the pensive mood of your memorial guests.
  • The Bacchus can acommodate up to 48 guests and, unlike major cruise lines that put you on a busy boat with hundreds of others, you may have the privacy you require to remember nd mourn. Limit your guests to exactly who you’d like to be with and share the time with them.
  • Our team is respectful, courteous, and knowledgeable, so you’re in good hands when you embark on a memorial or ash scattering cruise aboard the Bacchus.


Celebrate Your Loved Ones with a Boat Memorial on the Gold Coast

Funeral wreath at seas Gold Coast Memorial cruises

Take Time to Reflect with a Boat Memorial on the Gold Coast

In planning your memorial, there are several ways that it can help you recall the past.

      • Many people have a passion for marine expeditions, so a chartered boat can help you recall your loved one by their favourite activities. Remember them with your group by visiting the same aquatic atmosphere in which they had found solace and peace.
      • Invite the guests who shared a connection with the person you want to remember. The Bacchus is a safe atmosphere for people to feel comfortable and open up about their memories. You can even use our media connections to create a photo slideshow or show videos. 
      • The Bacchus can host up to 49 people for your event, there is plenty of space for your guests and the boat has a full kitchen and facilities for your comfort. We can also create a custom package for you based on the duration you’d like to charter the Bacchus.

Experience firsthand why so many people feel that the MV Bacchus is an excellent venue for their events, including memorials.

About Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters

“Bacchus” – named after the Roman God of Wine – is a privately-owned 62 -foot luxury motor yacht operating a wide range of private Boat Charters on the Gold Coast for over a decade.

She is designed, equipped and professionally operated to the highest standard. The saloon and outer decks, including the new BBQ Beer Garden and  Sky Lounge, are multipurpose and suitable for parties, functions, celebrations, memorial ash scatterings – even weddings.

The ‘flybridge’ provides spectacular views behind the capable hands of our experienced skipper. Once aboard, its truly an adventure of a lifetime on one of the most magnificent waterways of the world, the Gold Coast Broadwater, Southport, Queensland.


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