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Reward Your Team with an Exciting Party on a Corporate Boat Cruise

When you want to create exciting memories for your office staff, consider that a corporate boat cruise may be the perfect method. You can use it as a reward for an excellent quarter or the ideal venue for a party commemorating a retirement or decades of employment. No matter what your corporate event is, the Bacchus can bring your group to the most beautiful locations near the Gold Coast for a relaxing atmosphere.

Benefits of Hosting an Office Boat Party

Of all the possible venues, why should you consider a corporate boat hire for your party? The Bacchus offers several unique advantages compared to alternative locations:

      • You’ll have an easier time making a positive impression on your group, as boat parties are less common than those at land-based venues. If you want to get the most value for your money, then select the Bacchus for annual staff parties that your employees will look forward to every year. Especially perfect if you have a large senior leadership team that deserves a luxurious event to celebrate a special achievement. 
      • We keep things simple for you by handling all the logistics. Let us know the activities that you’d like for your group, and we’ll provide them. Our team will ensure that the boat is immaculate before your arrival and handle the clean up afterwards.
      • Enjoy the Gold Coast’s beautiful scenery from a vantage point you can’t get elsewhere. There’s enough space on the boat for your group to mingle, but individuals can break away to take in the seascape for a private moment.

Our past clients continually praise the Bacchus’s comfort, beauty, and convenience. Experience firsthand why more companies are choosing to host their staff parties on a private yacht.

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Why Bacchus Exclusive Charters is Your Best Choice for Yacht Corporate Events

We strive to make the Bacchus the clear choice for companies that want to host corporate events. Here are several ways that we can make your event invigorating and stress-free:

      • When you book the Bacchus, the boat is yours for your event’s duration. You won’t have to worry about other groups nearby, and you can book the vessel for whatever times you’d like. 
      • We offer impressive catering services prepared directly on the boat from our Exclusive chef. If you’d prefer to bring your own, then you have access to the full kitchen for storage and preparation. Otherwise, let your staff enjoy food cooked hot and fresh without having to truck it in from a facility kilometres away.
      • The Bacchus boasts excellent features, including a formal dining area, rear deck BBQ, flatscreen TV, and a high-fidelity audio system with iPod connectivity. We also have a lounge area perfect for presentations so that you can set the right tone for your event.

The Bacchus represents the pinnacle of hospitality at sea. Let us cater your event, provide a beautiful backdrop, and give your group the facilities you need to showcase top-performing employees.

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