Yacht Bachelor Party

A Yacht Bachelor Party is the Best Form of Pre-Wedding Celebration.

Make the groom’s bachelor party memorable by having the occasion on a luxury yacht. Enjoy a yacht bachelor party for the night or over a weekend. 

Plan Your Perfect Buck’s Party Cruise in the Gold Coast

Whether you are the groom or the best man, there are a few points you should take note of to minimise your stress and make the party cruise an event to remember. If you are the best man, before you start your planning, ask the groom what he wants. If he indicates a yacht party (or you offer this suggestion), you can begin with your planning.


      • Predicting the weather is impossible; but as a guideline, the best period in the Gold Coast is between the months of May and October. The weather is usually warm then, and ideal for a buck’s party cruise. By the end of January, and in the month of February, it will be humid, and there is often substantial rainfall. In the winter months of June to August, it may be cold, but it is usually sunny and dry by day.  
      • Request a quote from us and speak to the guests. Everyone will then know what their share will be unless you want to cover the full amount. If others are chipping in, collecting the amount beforehand will avoid the need to ask for the funds afterwards.
      • Also, decide whether you want to spend three hours out, or more. You may even want to spread the event out over a weekend with multiple trips.

What is Included in a Boat Buck’s Party?

Our boat can accommodate up to 47 guests. We can work with you to customise the event around your needs. Below are the essential items that we include in a party.

Catering & Drink Options

Our staff can offer you various catering options, as well as drinks packages, based on your budget and needs. The exclusive catering options include having a chef and waiters in attendance for three hours. Also included are napkins, platters, as well as the necessary cooking paraphernalia. 

Hourly Rates

You can limit the party to a short time, such as three hours or extend the party and spend the whole day out on the yacht. See our pricing or get in touch for more information. Rates start at $650 per hour for up to 25 people.

Optional Extras

Also, note that you may swim off the boat and you can make use of our swim mat. Take the opportunity to gather the boys up for some superstar selfie opportunities to post on your socials. Please be aware that a swim charter must be 4-hours or more and swimming is at the discretion of the Skipper and based on tides and alcohol intake.

About Gold Coast Luxury Boat Charters

We offer various occasion packages on a 62-foot luxury motor yacht in the Gold Coast. This yacht has many covered areas; therefore, you don’t need to worry about the weather. Besides the luxury and the focus on quality service, we are also AMSA (Australia Maritime Safety Auditory) compliant.

Enjoy the upper deck with spectacular views, ideal for taking selfies, or simply for socialising on the seating. Our yacht is perfect for a bachelor party. Contact us for a quote and let us plan the event for you. All you need to do is enjoy yourself and the company of your guests.

Booking Enquiries

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